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    Add the excitement of a game show to your classroom with this teacher guided lesson review, test prep, and quizzing tool.

    FRS Classroom Game Show is a teacher driven program designed to aide classrooms in lesson review, test prep, and can assist with classroom discussion. Unlike many computer based programs FRS Classroom Game Show puts the teacher in charge of ALL the details. The teacher decides the game content and the game duration. There is no automatic scoring either. The teacher judges when answers are correct, close enough, or deserve extra points.

    FRS Classroom Game Show is flexible enough to be used in a short period at the end of class for review or can be used as a center piece to spur group discussion. It can be used in 2nd grade or 11th grade or any grade in-between and fits in with any subject.

    FRS Classroom Game Show is best when used with a large screen display, projection device, or interactive white board. Download and try it out today!

    Download FRS Classroom Game Show Software for Mac OS X version 1.1 for Mac OS X 10.4 and higher [15.9 MB .dmg file] [Universal Binary]
    Download FRS Classroom Game Show Software for Windows XP and Windows Vista version 1.1 for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 Home/Pro [9.7 MB .exe file]

    Download and try out FRS Classroom Game Show for free. After you have decided that you enjoy this program return to this site and register using one of the payment methods below. Registered users receive a registration code via e-mail that unlocks the program transforming it from the freely downloadable trial version into the full product.

    Register Online

    Single Computer Registration $1.99
    This registration entitles you to use the full unlocked version of FRS Classroom Game Show v1.x on one computer.
    Site License Registration $19.95
    Especially for schools, this registration entitles the use of full unlocked copies of FRS Classroom Game Show version 1.x on all computers belonging to one school.

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