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When will I receive my registration codes?
    1: For those who paid online via PayPal or Kagi.
    2: For those who paid by check.
    3: For those who ordered via purchase order.
    4: Lost or Forgotten Registration Codes

1: For those who paid online via PayPal.

I received my receipt from PayPal several hours ago and still haven't received my registration code. Where is it? PayPal does not send registration codes for us. They are simply payment processors. Once payment has cleared with them we receive notification of your order. A live person reviews each order before sending out registration codes. The process normally goes quickly, but depending upon how fast PayPal notifies us and volume of orders being processed time to get registration does vary.

It's been a long time since I ordered my registration code! Where is it? This type of delay, anything more than 12 hours, is most commonly caused due to the customer not sending a valid email contact address with their order or registration information being blocked by spam or junk mail filtering. If the registration email is returned to us we will try several times to email the registration information to the email address supplied with the order and then we will wait until a customer contacts us with a correct email address. If your registration codes are far overdue check your spam/junk mail filter. If the message isn't found there please email us at orders@fastrabbitsoftware.com. Include your payment method, payment date, and order number. Customer service will verify your payment and send a reply email that includes your registration information.

2: For those who paid by check.

Payment by mail registrations are sent when your check clears at our bank. Order form and instructions for registering by mail.

3: For those who ordered via purchase order.

We will send registration information within one day of receiving a valid purchase order. Instructions for ordering via purchase order.

4: Lost or Forgotten Registration Codes

Contact support@fastrabbitsoftware.com to have lost or forgotten registration codes resent. The email you send must contain the name that was used at the time of registration and product name(s) of the title(s) you need registration information for. Also, please note that the registration information can only be sent to the email address used at the time of registration.

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